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Document Digitization


Document digitisation is a process of converting paper-based documents, drawings, and records into electronic or digital formats by using technology. Documents can be converted into formats such as TEXT, PDF, PNG among others. Digitised records are easier to search, retrieve, share and can be viewed by more than one person at a time.

A modern system of handling business document has emerged to replace the old system where records were kept in physical paper-based form. To meet the insatiable demands of customers for quick and better service delivery, paper-based documents must be converted to electronic formats for easy access and sharing within an organisation.

Citusgler Records has the expertise in document digitisation by employing first class technologies and modern data management software to achieve this goal for its clients.

Benefits of Digitisation

  • Shared use of document by more than one person at the same time
  • Storage, retrieval and update becomes simple and easier
  • Transfer and transport is easier


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