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Electronic Document Management System

(Paperless Office Software)


Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) is the management of different kinds of documents in an enterprise using computer programs and storage.

Citusgler Records provides an edge cutting Electronic Document Management system (EDM) for enterprises to manage their day to day documents electronically. The system limits the use of paper and reduces storage space for physical records storage thereby ensuring efficiency.

The EDM system allows an enterprise and its users to create or capture a hard copy document in electronic form, store, edit, print, process, and manage documents in image and text forms. The EDM system usually provides a single view of multiple users who needs work on the same document.


Benefits of EDMS

  • Lower document management and archiving costs.
  • Facilitated collaboration between workers through file sharing: users get to share and collaborate on files and documents with colleagues, regardless of their location. They control who they share documents with.
  • Better organization: With tags, categories, subcategories, and metadata to mark your files and documents, they become easier to organize, locate, and retrieve for future use. A search using the appropriate keywords can yield results in a matter of seconds.
  • Improved timeliness and removal of bottlenecks and ensured timely generation and filing of documents and records.
  • Improved document security and control: Use of audit trails and traceable and granular security controls helps prevent unauthorized access to documents. With the audit trail functionality, you know who has viewed or edited certain files or documents, also critical when unearthing process errors and inefficiencies.
  • More reliable backups.

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