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Physical Records Storage And Management


Records are only accessible if they are properly stored. Papers do documents need to be well numbered, labelled, categorised and arranged in shelves in a protected area to ensure their safety and availability for future use.


Having large volumes of records that require experts to manage? At Citusgler Records we are ready to help you with On-site Records Management solutions including:

  • Physical filing and box storage of documents and management of active or semi-active files.
  • Archives set-up. Archives require proper set-up to allow for easy access and improved safety. We provide the needed infrastructure for archives setup and management.
  • Large volume document photocopy: Sometimes the documents ate just too many to spend valuable time to photocopy. We are ready to do the job for you.
  • Records Relocations: Business records relocation needs to be done with minimal interruption during transition. Timeliness and confidentiality are essential when relocating files. We will meet your file and record relocation needs such as mapping records locations, sequencing and labelling each record series; unloading and transporting and reloading shelves; and conducting a final inventory. We’ll help you to maintain your productivity by professionally handling your record relocations.

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